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we provide a full range of IT services throughout the world

Professional Design and development of your business website, using the latest technologies.
Developing web mobile application, native mobile application, IOS & Android Mobile application.
Developing special programs or agents, which can manage online tasks on your behalf.
Improve the ranking & grow the visibility of your website in the search engine’s search result.
Branded custom widget from your service or data, which can be used in your client websites.
Providing your data or services to browsers or mobile applications, securely & under your brand.
Collecting your required data from one or multiple websites and send to you in any format you need.
Exporting structured valuable data out of unstructured or badly structured data sources.
Analysing data from different perspectives and summarising it into useful information.

Featured Projects

We believe in coming up with original ideas and turning them into digital work that is both innovative and measurable. We pride ourselves on doing work that delivers big impacts.


Online Private Tutoring Platform

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Bizioner Mobile Application

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Online Cinema Schedule System

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Business Directory System

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Luxury Furniture Website Design

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Possible Application

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    Capture Financial Data

    Optimize your ability to manage the data crucial to your organization’s financial operations, with the extracting, analysing, manipulating online financial data afforded you by Semantic Technology. We can deliver leading-edge information, events, and opportunities across the spectrum of financial operations.
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    Capture YellowPages Data

    Most sales folks spend a lot of time & effort to build contact lists, prospect lists, business mailing lists, email marketing lists, cold-calling lists, sms marketing list, etc. Before calling prospects, they manually copy-paste every contact detail from yellow pages directories to Excel. It can get really tiresome and this is where the semantic technology can help you by providing the most accurate data captured from yellow pages or business directories. We can send the data to you directly or create your custom scraper system which can collect the data for the first time and automatically update the data once the resource directory get updated.
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    Capture Auction Info

    The best example of this project which already done for one of our valuable clients is daily extraction of the Auction information from, analyzing and creating a report from the updated data and send to the client’s email.
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    Data mining of large chunk of texts

    You have a big data and want to extract some patterns from it? Not only this, you need to analyze, compare, and convert the unstructured or semi structured data to structured based on your business needs? No need days or months manual work. The solution is with us. We will give you a digital agent, which do all the tasks in minutes with more accuracy and intelligence than a human being.
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    Capture Real Estate Data

    You can bring intelligence to your business and using a single click provide your customers with the most up-to-date real estate data and real estate solution.
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    Get Competitors Pricing Data

    With our intelligent web bots you can simply Benchmark all your product lines against the competition, and even receive full competitors’ product assortments. We will send your competitors’ prices as often as you need, with weekly, daily or even hourly updates. Then you can Make More Profitable Pricing Decisions.
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    Duplicate an online database

    You wish to have a copy of an online database? Just send us the link and your required format; we will get back to you with the data.
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    Combine reporting from multiple sources

    With requesting a custom digital agent you can combine reporting from multiple resources in one document or web page. As an example: based on client’s requirement we created a desktop application which user can simply find the best ticket price for a particular route among multiple travel agencies.
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    Capture online newspapers

    If you are a website owner you need some daily up-to-dated data which attract more visitors to your website. Posting the latest world news under any specific category can help you to improve the ranking of your website. Of course it takes lots of your precious time and effort to collect and organize the data manually, Specially if you would like to have the news from multiple resources. We can provide our news web bot which will crawl Internet and extract the latest news all; or under a specific category.
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    Capture Traveling Data

    You can provide your desktop or web application for traveling data to your customers. People can simply search or browse the routes and find the best prices among multiple traveling resources.
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    Capture Data from Job Websites

    You can capture & collect all available vacancies from different resources in your website. We have done a very precious project in this regard. Our created job agent is scheduled based and start working everyday on preset timing to capture the updated available vacancies from online newspapers and digital medias. Then the other agent will add the value to the data by finding the company name of the advertised vacancy. In less than a minute, job seekers can find the open vacancies from multiple resources all in a page including the link to the profile of the advertiser company.
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    scheduling Capturing

    Based on your business needs we can create a schedule based web capturing bot which start its task automatically based on preset timing, weekly, daily or hourly.

Some Of Our Clients
Unfortunately our client confidentiality agreement stops us from listing many of our high-profile clients.

  • Servcorp
  • LuxeLiving
  • Answer Media
  • Maha D’line
  • Mirai Arch
  • FastCity
  • Ahli United Bank
  • Al Kawthar
  • Titolo
  • Ali BinAli Holding