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Case Studies

Google Place Scraper

This scraper is created to collect the business places from Google map. You specify the set of countries and keywords in excel. The scraper go through the lists and will search in Google map based on which keyword in which country. The output will be an excel file includes Business titles, GPS coordinates, activities, link of Google plus pages, images, rating & reviews and contact information like Tel, Fax, website,.. It behaves as a human with same footprints so there is no possibility to b blocked by Google. Scraper

Simply the scraper read all the product pages under each category and collects the product details such as name, images, descriptions, price, etc. In this case study client could login into our website and download millions record in categorized excel files.

Article Websites Scraper

Article Websites Scraper The scraper search around 20 domains similar to every 8 hours for new articles by certain keywords or phrases and scrape the target articles with all comments and nested comments. Then the collected data could be automatically inserted into the database and promoted on the website of our client.