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What is Web API?

Web APIs are likely to become increasingly important and more organisations will want to make their own APIs available as a way to raise their profile and add value. Amazon recently released graphs that show the growth in bandwidth being consumed by their customers via their various Web services. More activity network activity takes place in this way than through all their other Web sites combined. Uptake of data and software by third party Web applications through Machine to machine interfaces is becoming more important than user interfaces.

This move of focus means that more work will be done to make sure that APIs that deigned in an appropriate and compatible manner. There will also be significant challenges relating to how organisations use the data available, which may be personal and sensitive.

What can Web APIs be used for?

Developers can use Web APIs to build tools for the host Web site and enrich their own applications with useful functions from third parties. This provides advantages:

For the host site: The advantage of exposing ones APIs is that developers will create new features and applications for free. These applications will then drive traffic to the site.

For the developer: Creating applications allows developers to promote their own work on higher profile Web site and build on existing work. Their own Web site can then benefit from the traffic. Developers can also mix and match information data from different sources to creation a solution to a problem.

Semantic Technology can help you to expose your product and service in other websites where more traffic potential, by providing Web API Solution.

We are happy to innovate by create custom applications. If you throw us your idea, our team can turn that into reality for you.