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Web Automation

From an idea to an unforgetable and measurable digital experience. Integrating flawless production, cutting edge technology and meticulous performance measuring, our services work together to deliver a first class final product. We are professional in creating web bots or online agents.

What are online agents?

They are special programs that can do the online tasks on behalf of the human.One of our main interests here in semantic technology is to sit aside and look at our developed agents or bots how are doing the online tasks on behalf of our clients. Some of them are working continually 24 hours/day and some start the job once they received a call from the boss.

Based on the client needs the bot can have a single scheduled task like login to account and send an email exactly at 8:00 Am. everyday morning, Or can start the job on demand by a single click.

In semantic technology we can develop custom intelligent web bots, which properly fit your business needs to save thousands hours of your valuable time.There are many online business tasks, which can be automated in an intelligent reliable way.

Here are only some samples:

  • Login & post text or images into your social media account
  • Login & send email to a list of contacts
  • Reply to your emails
  • Automate web based workflow
  • Download files from internet
  • Test all links in your website
  • Crawling a list of websites to collect contact details
  • Import or export data into or from any application
  • Automate database migration
  • Transfer data between applications
  • Getting data from news websites and send to your email
  • Post data into your website
  • Update your website

Are you interested to have your unique business agent? You are one click away to fall in love.