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Web Mining

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What is Web Data Mining?

The term Web Data Mining is a technique used to crawl through various web resources to collect required information, which enables an individual or a company to promote business, understanding marketing dynamics, new promotions floating on the Internet, etc. There is a growing trend among companies, organizations and individuals alike to gather information through web data mining to utilize that information in their best interest.

Through the billions of Web pages created with HTML and XML, or generated dynamically by underlying Web database service engines, the Web captures almost all aspects of human endeavor and provides a fertile ground for data mining. However, searching, comprehending, and using the semi structured information stored on the Web poses a significant challenge because this data is more sophisticated and dynamic than the information that commercial database systems store.

How we can help you?

Semantic Technology provides data mining services regardless of type, format or location of targeted website. You can point to a certain web location, we will provide any type of data required to your business analytic, academic research, or even competitor thoughts and plan.