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Web Scraping

From an idea to an unforgetable and measurable digital experience. Integrating flawless production, cutting edge technology and meticulous performance measuring, our services work together to deliver a first class final product.

Web scraping, web extraction or web harvesting is a computer software technique to extract required information from one or multiple websites. The aim of developing such kind of programs or systems is to simulate the human exploration of Internet in a time saving and cost effective environment.

If you need data from any website, once or frequently, you are in a right place. Here in semantic technology we provide the most accurate, intelligent scrapers which can extract your needed data from deep layers of any kind of website.

Our scrapers are not developed only to extract data from web pages. They can also be customized to analyze and filter the data after collection from multiple online resources.

We have two kinds of web scraping services.

One time data: in this case we will scrap the data from your required website and send it to you in any required format like .xls .sql .xml
Frequently based data: Sometimes you need to receive the data daily, weekly or monthly depends on the resources. In this case we can scrape the data schedule based and frequently send to your email or directly post into your database.

Here are some areas, which our web scraping techniques can save you thousands of hours of manual tasks

  • Collect and manipulation of information from one or multiple resources to produce a new content for your website.
  • Scrape and mining of products data from multiple ecommerce websites and find the least price of similar products.
  • Provide large database for your web or mobile applications.
  • Scraping and data extraction from multiple resources to create meta search engines for your website, such as credit card rates, insurance quotes, property prices or flight number and prices.
  • Extracting latest news, job vacancies or new movies from online websites.
  • Collect data from online yellow pages.