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Web Widget Development

From an idea to an unforgetable and measurable digital experience. Integrating flawless production, cutting edge technology and meticulous performance measuring, our services work together to deliver a first class final product.

What is widget?

Widget is a tiny application that allows you to distribute your valuable content across other websites, blogs, or even mobile devices. Just like a YouTube video you can place a widget on your website and provide the embed code and let readers redistribute your content with a few clicks.

A web widget helps you to spread small bits of valuable information across digital world and make your content more visible, usable and interactive.

Our developers in semantic technology are ready to create a custom widget for your business which can package and deliver almost every type of digital information such as: texts, image galleries, videos, flash applications, ..

Using our services you can provide a user-friendly environment to your readers in order to customize the interface and the content of your widget based on their needs and interests, and then grab the standard snippet of embed code of the widget and paste it onto the HTML code of their website, social media sites, blogs…

Let's see some examples of how you can use our power in creating web widgets:

  • Creating a widget that displays a selection of RSS feeds you can create a niche-targeted newsradar which provides valuable and always-updated information on a topic that interests your audience.
  • Building a widget that embeds a poll or a survey, you may collect useful data and insights into your audience. And because web widgets are so freely redistributable, you may also reach well beyond your circle of fans and supporters with no effort.
  • Creating a compilations of your best blog posts, video, podcasts, you can distribute your top-notch content in a way that readers never miss the valuable information you share, even if it's not freshly published.
  • Building a Flash widget you can create a Google Maps that shares the location of your next conference or meeting so that your fans can join you and participate to your events.
  • Creating a chat widget you can really establish a "conversation" with your readers and customers and also build your online persona.

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